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I am very sorry I did a half update, I published this site when I had only half done my work to see something and never bothered to change everything else around.  I have been busy with school related things, being tired, and just a lot of stuff.  I have had a project I have been working on for a month now so once that is done I will update.  For now just understand this is a temporary thing.  Thank You

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Hey, welcome to my site, it isn't great now but with some time it will be good.  This site is about me, anything I think is reasonable to put on here.  Check up every few weeks, since I will be updating every week. 
This site was created April 16, 2002.

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May 14, 2002
Hey, I've decided I won't give the site up considering the hint in the guestbook....hehee...  Well anyway I won't be updating much because I am working on a new page.  You should check it out.  It's a cool band from North Reading and I know once I get the mp3's and the pictures you'll love them!  By the way, one of the singers is my friend sure to make fun of  No I'm just kidding....

Check it out**

May 11, 2002
I've decided to do another update!  I am adding another page so check out the "Check Me" section and click the link.  I have submitted my site to a few more search engines so if you see ads on my page, that is why.  I usually don't like ads but if they help me out, I will help them out.

May 10, 2002
Well I might just give this up.  I mean my website sucks because I have no traffic, since I put my counter in no one has been here.  My old website was worse and I had like 700 hits because of my aol profile.  I just have to advertise more.  Also I have no friends now hahaa.  Well as Areosmith says I ain't "no spring chicken" so if I still have no one this might be like a yearly thing.  I might go on to something better. 

May 5, 2002
Hey it's Cinco De Mayo!!!!!  I have decided to submit my webpage to search engines so I will be having a lot more visitors.  I need to stay more on the ball.  If you are new and want to see cool things on here, drop me an email and tell me what!  I haven't been feeling well so my updates will be comming a little late, I am always sick or something so don't worry, I am odd.

April 27, 2002
Well I have moved so I will be updating every week.  If you have any ideas, please email me @  Take Care!

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