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My 'Nsync Experience


Nsync tour

If you have had an 'Nsync experience

email me and tell me about it and I'll put it on the site.

I am a very big 'Nsync fan and I have been since I was in 8th grade.  When I met this girl Julie, her and her friend Shayna had gotten in a fight and were supposed to go to a concert together.  Shayna sold me her ticket even though I didn't really have any desire in it.  Well I went and I have been a fan right from that moment I saw them preform and I decided to go again.  It has been three years.  I had heard of the Celebrity tour and decided I wanted to go.  After a lot of panic and all, I finally put all my money in my half sister's account and used her credit card.  I went to the AOL presale and got crappy seats.  I didn't care because I was going.  I had tried to win tckets on the radio station for front row and as I called, my phone died.  It was on a cord and when the caller had got them, it worked fine:( I had bought Christine a ticket and we planned to go into Boston all day.  Well the day came and I called her.  I was told an hour and a hlaf she would arrive.  Four hours later, no sign.  I had went to the bank for money for the concert and the bank was closed.  I had to borrow money and finally I decided to ask Julie to go.  I thought I'd have her go because we had went together.  I went over her house and her father was drunk and kept yelling and complaining and made us take the train from Lowell.  As his friend and him drove us there, he kept yelling at me saying I was mumbling behind his back which I wasn't. 

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Well finally we get there and the train is early, and we got on it and went.  We go to the concert, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, *puff*..hehee had opened along with 3 girls with squeaky voices and Joey's dad's band.  There was an amazing September 11th tribute with the song *every step I take/ every move I make* well that song anyway in half of the concert Julie tells me we have to leave early, her father has to get up for work.  Finally upset I go....  very upset...  leaving a concert I spent 130 dollars on just to go and see them doing everything i can to make my way there.  Well we hear our train is leaving, the last one of the day.  We run and run and run, faster than I had ever ran before and we finally make it on there.  Once again the guy had told us on the phone and the train was early.  As we are sitting there, mind you I had not eaten since the afternoon before and I only had a 3 dollar bottle of water at the concert, all day, I was literally going to be sick from running so fast.  So refraining from barfing on the train the lady comes over and asks us where we are going.  I say Lowell...  She says WHAT!!!...  I said LOWELL!!!  and she said your on the wrong train.  She tells us to get off in Chelsea and wait for a train into Boston again.  I explain that is the last train to Lowell.  She walks away.  Finally the train stops and I go through the door and yell IS THIS CHELSEA and she said yes..  so I get off the train and said what do we do now?  She claimed she was too busy to look up a schedual and gave us one that had nothing on it where we were going.  Chelsea is not a good town, not at all and I was laughing and Julie was hysterically balling her eyes out.  I just thought things were so ironic and I couldn't control it.  So we wait and finally an hour later her father is on the cell phone telling her to call the police. 


We called 411 and got 4 wrong numbers and finally as her cell phone is dying we get ahold of them.  They almost didn't come get us but finally they decided to show.  Still no train.  So we get in the car and let's just say these things have no room for your legs if you were the smallest person in the world.  Your squished foreward face planted into the fencing.  Well we get to the police station and were there for an hour and finally her father picked us up, probably with a hangover and snubbed me.  Well let's just say I missed half the show went on a train for the first time and on a wrong one and in a cop car.  I ended up with strep too.  Next time I am going to go alone.  Some day they will hear my story!!!

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