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This is where I will be putting down my poems I have written over time...  There probably won't be much yet, but as time goes I will make more on here.  It is just the matter of typing them out.  If you would like to comment on them, drop me an email.

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Where art thou

While you sit there and watch me suffer
Couldn't you lend me a hand
While you go on without me
I am no longer in demand
Yet the rose sit grows on
Yet the moon still shines bright
When the sun don't decide to go down
Will you ever be able to get away from the light
Time rolls on
Just as yesterday came
Things are gone
They will never be the same

Where art thou

Losing a part of yourself is not worth the world in your hand
People will go great lengths to save it

Where art thou

All I need from you is to be there
Everything our friendship could share
And a little more day by day
Could take this gray sky away
All I need from you is to care
And to always be there
You heart to be true
That's all I want from you
All I want from you is a love to share
One that is rare
For all times
To be there
All I want from you is a dare
To try to work this out
And know what loves all about
All I ask of you is an ear
So you can listen to me
So you can hear
How you see
All I ask of you is no fear
Don't be afraid to tell me anything
Put your trust in me
And you'll see
All I care from you is to stay near
So whenever I need you I can call
Whenever at all
All I care from you is to be fair
Be true to me
And I'll be tue to you

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