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Angel of the Month

Here I will be posting Nominees every month for Angel Of The Month.  This selection is not limited to girls, so excuse the girly name.  I will have pictures and information about people and a poll for you to choose, at the end of each month I pick the winner.  If you know anyone to be a Nominee or you yourself, drop me an email of who and a little information why. 

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Angel of the month

Jewel Kilcher is nominated for angel of the month because of all her efforts.  Not only is she a fantastic musical artist, but she also has outside project.  Her and her mom's ClearWater Project is to help bring good clean water to people around the world who do not have those facilities.  This is about teaching clean methods and bringing fresh water to people everywhere.  Everyone deserves water. 

We are involved because something can be done.
Jewel Kilcher & Lenedra Carroll

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